Who are we ?


Me, it’s patisserie! From my apprenticeship to the great star-studded houses of France, I acquired my know-how, a certain rigor and my love for well done work. It was also through this passion that I met my spouse and colleague, John. Based on our experiences, we decided to make or own thing. Delphine brought us her touch of originality, and her desire to pull gastronomy out of the classic path.


You will often have the opportunity to meet me in the truck! Traveler and gourmet, I brought
backfrom all my travels the taste and love of a rich in flavors and diversified cuisine. It was in Canada that I discovered the street-food culture. After many years working in the restoration in France or abroad, I wanted to enterprise and decided to settle in St Malo. That’s where I met Mélodie and John, two cooks from prestigious houses, a striking event. Indeed, our common passion for gastronomy was the beginning of a great human and culinary adventure.


The one you’ll find behind your stoves is me! I am happy to be able to propose a generous and refined cuisine at your table. This know-how, I forged in establishments of excellence recognized by the Micheli, Gault and Millau guides. I worked as second for great chefs, and in turn led the brigades of two establishments as chef de cuisine With Mélodie and Delphine, the desire to create
our own company gradually imposed itself.


Tok & Cook is a clever mix of the three of us, for a quality service, gourmet and accessible!